Sat, Jan 2nd, 2016

Lancia Ypsilon 2016, prices of restyling

Lancia Ypsilon 2016, prices of restyling

After the official announcement of the past weeks and the public presentation took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show debut in the new dealership Lancia Ypsilon 2016, the interesting restyling going to renew the last bearer of the historic Lancia brand. The new Lancia Ypsilon in version 2016 is presented in the dealership with the same list price as the previous model but with different content supplied a very interesting and unusual. The range of the Lancia Ypsilon 2016 is divided in three different trim levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) which joins the Opening Edition, a limited edition featuring a rich endowment and an affordable price. Among the changes are the redesign of the Ypsilon, as well as several changes to the bodywork, particularly at the front, a completely revised interior of the records that the introduction of the system infotainemnt Uconnect, plus a very interesting that could help, so remarkable, to further growth in sales of the Ypsilon in Italy.

The entry level version of the Lancia Ypsilon facelift has the 1.2-liter petrol engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 69 HP and suitable for novice drivers. As for the engine, the price starts from 13,200 Euro dell’allestimento Silver and get to 16,400 Euro dell’allestimento Platinum. The range of engines, which consists of only 6 units Euro, also has 0.9 TwinAir 80 HP with Start & Stop system, with prices from 15,500 to 18,700 Euros, and the diesel 1.3 MultiJet 95 bhp, with prices ranging between 15,700 and 18,900 Euro. These two units are not available for novice drivers.

Rounding out the list of the Lancia Ypsilon 2016 we find the range EcoChic with LPG engines 1.2 69 bhp, with prices ranging between 14,700 and 17,900 euros, and 0.9 TwinAir 80 hp on methane, with prices ranging between 16,700 and 19,900 euros. LPG and CNG versions of the Lancia Ypsilon is available for novice drivers. All variants of the Ypsilon also provide 860 Euro commissioning road. As usual for full details on the new evolution of the Lancia and future promotions, we refer to the official website of Lancia. Continue, therefore, to closely to find out all the news about the future of Lancia.


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