Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Ferrari’s Five Hypercars Face Off On The Drag Strip

Ferrari's Five Hypercars Face Off On The Drag Strip

The third and final part in the ‘Ferrari’s Big 5’ series produced by Alejandro Salomon has just been released.

The production follows on from the car collector’s Hyper5 comparison test but, unlike that series, Ferrari’s Big 5 is more about celebrating Maranello’s five hypercars rather than having them compete against each other.

However, as Salomon managed to gather all five on a private racetrack, a drag race must have seemed inescapable ; so he did just that.

Before that, Salomon, himself an avid car collector, introduces the man who owns all five of these incredible cars, David S.K. Lee, known as @ferraricollector_davidlee on social media. As for the races, they pit the 288 GTO against the F40, the Enzo against the F50, the F40 against the Enzo and finally, the Enzo against the LaFerrari.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a drag race between the Ferrari F40 and F50, which might or might not be a gesture to remain on good terms with the company. After all, it is widely believed that the F50 is actually slower than its predecessor, the mighty F40.

OK, so we miss out on this one. Does it really matter? The rest should be enough to satiate petrolheads’ thirst for the ultimate Prancing Horses.


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